If you live in Cajun country then you will know how the citizens treat cooking. It is an art form and also believed to be sacred. Cajun food is famous all around the globe and most of them know that cooking Cajun food has got more to offer than the pantrys lagniappe or the spicy cabinet. But the fact that Cajun cooking is mimicked in and around the country is very depressing. This is plainly because Cajun recipes do not exist in their true form.

However, the good part of the story is that there are a few Cajun recipes that are intact and accurate too. Many of these recipes exists on the truth that preparing Cajun cooking for taste and not to understand the measuring. Another astounding fact is that the same dish can taste slightly different every time you make it with the same ingredient and in the same atmosphere. Experts simply state that the taste variation is nothing to with the ingredients but is to do with the cooks feelings and mood that can actually change a moderate cooking to a tantalizer or vice versa.

Many of us quite familiar with Emeril Lagasses TV show where she makes unique blends and that is what makes Cajun cooking and food special over other cuisines. It is still under debate whether it is the ingredients or something else that makes Cajun food touch the heart and soul of the person eating it. Did you know that dishes cooked in the south Cajun is also known as soul food? This is probably because of the fact that New Orleans is in the core of Deep South.

People who try and experiment on Cajun foods have difficulty in finding the appropriate ingredients, especially if they do not reside in the New Orleans locality. This is because you can get the best and fresh seasonings and spices that form the main ingredients in Cajun cooking, only in the local streets of the old south. This is not it; getting fresh crawfish and andouille sausage is slightly tricky especially in the mid winter in Michigan!

If you are one of those enthusiasts who are fond of learning Cajun food, then the first thing you will have to find is good ingredients. Probably you can try your luck with specialty food stores in your locality or by ordering these special ingredients from the makers. Try some of the good grocery shops that have a special section for international food and that offers Cajun seasonings as well. Remember, that these stores stock only the minimum of such foods and that you should immediately grab them as soon as you decide to cook Cajun foods.

Another main thing you will have to dedicate is your time and skill because all the Cajun dishes will need some good time to cook its ingredients. Never ever rush when cooking Cajun food. Cajun dishes take their time to get ready and you should have all the patience to serve a good delicacy. The most wonderful experience most of the cook love to share is the way these dishes let the cook know that it is ready to be served and that is like a cooking secret that almost all chefs preserve.

Cooking Cajun food is the best way to test your patience, skills and also your stamina but for many it is an emotional experience to many. However, you will never regret these exhaustions once you look at the final end product which is not only rich but also mouth watering. Believe me, once you master cooking Cajun foods you will for add it into your daily cooking menu.