The initiation stage of the Atkins diet is one among the different significant procedures to achieve a good reduction in weight. There are certain restrictions to be followed besides the table of food intake in this period of diet.

At the time of induction it is required to have three proper-classified meals each day or four to five small amounts of meals. If you feel tensed or hungry between the meals you can cut down your meals to little amount and eat more often. To tender to the needs of the carbohydrates, you have to rely on proteins and vegetables according to the plan. But you should never cut your meals and starve for more than six hours when you are awake.

The recommended foods can be eaten freely and there is no need to restrict your fats and proteins and can be had according to your desire. Keep in mind that the Atkins diet does not impose restrictions on calories. But care should be taken to maintain the carbohydrate gram levels and make a note of this when you consume vegetables, cheese and beverages with Splenda. A minimum of 12-15 grams of specified carbohydrate should be from the vegetable list. Although you are tempted to consume cheese, vegetables are more essential for the digestive system (mainly when you are on this diet)

It is good to prevent eating fruit, bread, pasta, grains and starchy vegetables (like cauliflower or squash) during the primary stages as these foods will be included gradually all along the course of the pre-maintenance phase. Beans are high in protein but as they also contain carbohydrates they should not be consumed during this process. High fiber low-carbohydrate foods should be taken in small amounts when you feel like having grain products, But, this slows down the weight reduction process.

During the Induction phase all foods that are not on the suggested food list are prohibited. You should never be greedy even to have just a bite of it as you may tend to have more slowly spoiling your diet even before you realize.

Keep in mind that the amount of suggested foods is adapted to fulfill your appetite. When you start the Induction phase you tend to eat more, more than towards the end of the phase. When your body becomes resistant to the craving of sugar and carbohydrates, you will begin to feel less hungry all along the day and when this feeling arises be sure to consume only what you require till you are satisfied and never overeat.

Some of the packaged products available may still have carbohydrate in them although they may be labeled as carb free so read them as even if the product has less than 5 grams of carbohydrates the maker has the right to term it as zero. A look at the ingredients used in the product to check if there are any carbs in hiding, and also take care while you eat them, as small quantities of carbohydrates are present in gravies, sauces and salad dressings. It is better therefore to consume meat without sauce and salad without olive oil and vinegar dressing.

The most important aspect is the intake of 8 eight-ounce glasses of water each day besides other liquid intake as this assists in keeping your body from hydration and prevents constipation which helps in washing away of the by-products caused by fat burning.

Always remember these rules and regulations when you begin with the induction phase which helps you to reach your goal with lots of benefit with the Atkins diet.