One of the most preferred low-carb diet in todays dieting era is the Atkins diet. This well-liked diet has been replicated by many people carrying the same message as the Atkins eating high-protein and low-carbohydrate diet. However, people generally have a tough time when choosing a low-carb diet program.

According to research and advanced studies, eating a low-carb diet has its own benefits. The results state that low-carb diets like the Atkins do help in reducing weight drastically without stopping calorie intake. Studies have proved that a low-carb diet improves triclycerides, lowers blood sugar level and boosts cholesterol that is good for ones health. Low-carbohydrate diet also improves the sensitivity of insulin, lessens blood pressure and reduces blood insulin levels. Unlike low-fat diet, a low-carb diet helps one turn fat into strong muscles.

Even though it is not scientifically proved, individuals dieting on Atkins have claimed that the diet offers many health benefits too. A boost in energy level, lower craving for sweets, enhanced concentration, better mood, and an attenuation in symptoms related to depression.

There are few good reasons why Atkins should be taken as a diet for those who want to shed their excess weight. The main benefit of taking Atkins is that you can eat all the so called forbidden foods that is a No No in low fat diets. Believe it or not, steak, butter and cream are vital in Atkins diet plan. Individuals following Atkins diet enjoy eating all types of food, including those that are rich in fat.

Unlike other complicated diet programs, Atkins is very simple to follow. You will have to keep a count of the carbohydrate level but then you are allowed to eat a good amount of foods.

Dr. Atkins accentuates dieters to check their carbohydrate level themselves. The carbohydrate level varies from person to person. While on Atkins, people have to regularly keep a check on their carbohydrate level during the weight loss stage and pre-maintenance stage.

With the right support system and resource, one can gain adequate information on the diet. There are many popular Atkins books and websites that recommend dieters to follow a few tips to make their dieting plan a success. Despite the misconceptions about the diet about its pattern, you will have to fight your way to eat on time.

However, there are a few negative effects attached to Atkins diet plan. One should calculate their carbohydrates count in everything the dieters eat so as to keep a check on their level within the suggested range. Induction is a phase where most of the dieters face quite a few problems. And because of the difficulties faced in the induction, people tend to think that the entire diet span is going to be difficult, finally quitting the plan before getting the desired result.

Most Atkins dieters experience a carb crash on the 3rd or 5th day because their body starts to depend on the fat instead of carbohydrates to function properly. This process is called the ketosis. Even though the dieter has to go through this only for a brief time, many back out and are scared of getting into other low-carb diets because of these unexpected body changes.

Regardless of these pitfalls of Atkins, it is one of the most seeked diets in the world. The main reason behind the success is that people do get the desired results and are content about it. As the saying goes no pain no gain!