The Atkins diet plan works very well when it is a question of your health. But beware, it may not bother much about the expense part that is to say you may be required to spend more. For gaining something you have to loose something. For example to reduce the intake of Carbohydrate you have to increase the intake of some thing else. You spend on meat which is very expensive. However let us see whether we can reduce the cost to whatever possible extent without diluting on the benefits of the plan.

The first advice is do not be meticulously following the recipes books. They are correct as far as the effect of dieting is concerned but you may end up spending more money. What you are required to do is to substitute those costly recipes with simpler methods. You are running a commercial restaurant and therefore need not use those costly ingredients to attract the customers. There are recipes that fall within the cost parameters of the ordinary individuals like me and you but still give the same effect.

The second method of reducing the cost is to use economic quantities-that is to say buy in bulk so that you get quantity discounts to reduce your cost. Store them in your freezer in small packets of the desired sizes easy to handle. Follow cooking the same type of food in the styles of various places so as to get some variety without changing the basic materials but just by changing the ingredients so as to get different tastes.

It is better to go in for cheaper materials you can get less tender meat at a reduced rate and you can tenderize with a slow cooker.

You can look for less costly substitutes to reduce your bill. Instead of meats you can try on eggs, tofu and the likes. They are dirt cheap but at the same time are in proteins. Fruit nuts can also be added to this list but check on the prices. If it fallas within your budget you can try that as well.

While you are on Atkins plans you cannot ignore salads. But chopped and bagged
Vegetables would be very costly so go in for different types of lettuce and use a salad spinner.

Another method is to go in for items on sale provided those items fit into your diet plan. Instead of meat beef happens to be on sale go in for that. When meat gets on sale you can go for that. Ensure not to buy anything that does not fall within the requirements of the diet plan.

Do not buy any item of the so-called low carbohydrate items which contain lot of unwanted chemicals. Avoid them as they may contain hidden carbohydrates and such packed food items are generally very expensive. You can do well to avoid such items.

Last but not the least planning your purchases is very essential to reduce your costs without sacrificing on the effects of the Atkins diet plan. Before entering the grocery shop be prepared with your homework to reap the best benefit on the cost front.