All of us have undergone Bad cholesterol or bad diet some time or the other as it is very difficult to have a healthy food all throughout our lives, although we try our best to follow it. But everyone should try to eat food that is healthy for your heart mainly when you have to reconstruct your health and decrease the chances of heart-attacks.

Your heart and food

All of us are aware that when we consume a diet which is rich in saturated fats it elevates the cholesterol level which in turn is dangerous for heart disease. People who are over weight have a tendency to develop heart problems. A diet rich in sodium may raise your blood pressure and cause inflammation and even a heart disease.

Eat fish in plenty

The excellent source of Omega 3 and essential fatty acids are Herring, sardines and salmon and so are the other varieties of fishes, But Omega 3 helps to bring down your cholesterol level down to a healthier stage.

Select healthy fats and oils

Meat, butter and even coconut oil are rich in saturated fat which increases the chance of heart disease and so you should refrain yourself from having them till the cholesterol levels are low and you gain a healthy weight. Seafood and nuts can be consumed instead of red meat for their main source of protein.

Olive oil which has monounsaturated fats helps in the protection of your heart and the best for cooking, dressing or used for dipping sauce.

Eat lot of fiber

Whole grain products are fibrous food which helps to control the absorption of sugar and keep the digestive system safe, and thereby control the cholesterol level.

Choose the right amount of carbohydrates

Consuming foods to keep your healthy literally means avoiding sugary foods like candy, cookies, cakes and pastries. Consumption of excess sugar is dangerous to you heart. Carbohydrates that are healthy are whole grain breads, whole grain pasta, brown rice and a number of vegetables. The main foods should consist of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Healthy cooking methods

Two best methods using olive or canola oil are by stir frying or sauting and avoid dipping the food in any batter and fry in henceforth. The skin of the chicken is to be peeled and baked in the oven in a foil.

Fish is to be baked instead of baking and vegetables are to be steamed so that the nutrients are not lost. Cream sauces and excess butter should be avoided and vegetables can be eaten with lemon juice squeezed on them or with your favorite seasonings.

When you make appropriate adjustments to your diet, remember that it consumes time to become habits. So to have a healthy eating habit is good for both your body and your lifestyle, mainly when it is for the sake of your heart and to avoid the risks of heart problem.