If you have decided to get into the world of dieting then you will come to know about the various weight loss/fitness and dieting plans that are available for you. It may take many years for one to get satisfied with one particular fitness plan and once people are happy about the plan they keep it to themselves. One of the plans that has worked for many is the 3 Hour Diet, for which Jorge Cruise gets the credit. It may sound a little unbelievable but the three hourly eating has worked for many. The logic behind this theory is a pretty common and Jorge Cruise has finely understood it as he has been in the fitness industry for a long time.

The main idea behind the long and short suggest in this diet is to provide regular and the correct type of food to the body instead of letting the body to go into the starvation state. This state is considered dangerous because the body stores the fat up instead of burning it to produce energy. In this starvation state the body starts burning up the muscles instead of the fat so as to provide the body the energy to work properly.

The 3 Hour Diet will never let you feel hungry and there are individuals that set their alarms to remind them that it is time to eat. One also gets to know the right type of food that he/she has to eat to make the maxim of this dieting plan. The trick is to learn what is best for ones health. The 3-Hour Diet book written by Jorge Cruise is available at all leading bookstores and you can also register in the authors official website to learn more about the diet program. The website also provides with tips on how to include the diet program in ones busy life.

We highly recommend people to buy the book if they are sincerely thinking about including this dieting program in their life. The main reason is that the book offers great tips and tricks to make this program a success despite the stressful and hectic lifestyle one lives in. However, one should bear in mind that taking up this dieting program will mean that he/she will be dedicated to it. Individuals who take up this dieting regime should abide by the timetable, to the maximum possible so that they get the desired results. But, if you do not like the idea of eating every three hourly then this is not the dieting plan meant for you.

On the other hand, those who really dont have a strict diet and time will benefit by adapting this dieting regime and we suggest this diet program for these people. The weight of the individual and the weight he/she is planning to achieve are two main factors that will be considered while recommending this dieting program. The more sincere one is towards the plan, the easier it is to get the desired results, that too in a short span of time. The author claims that one can shed 10 pounds in a couple of weeks and many people have repeated the process to lose more than 10 pounds. Did you know that 3 Hour Dieting is a popular dieting program adopted by many celebrities as it gives the desired results instantly?

To talk about the plus and minus about this 3 Hour Dieting is that it is helpful only when the individual is dedicated towards the plan. This 3 hour dieting plan is becoming popular day by day mainly because of its dieting strategy that can be included in ones lifestyle easily. If this is the first time you have come across this plan, have a look at the dieting program and check for yourself if this is the right one for you. People from the various part of the world are happy about the results and claim that the outcome is simply extraordinary. To conclude, we would highly recommend this diet program to everyone, especially to those who dont like starving or feel hungry often.