If you are planning a corporate event then you may be having a hard time deciding which catering service you want to cater the event. It can be a difficult choice, but here are 5 key points to focus on that should help you choose.


The food must taste good! It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people overlook this important detail. Do not get completely absorbed by all the other details. The food may look nice, and the menu may sound amazing, but if the food does not taste good then your event will be a complete bust.

Health and Safety

You may assume all catering services would be big on health and safety, but again you may find yourself surprised. If your caterers do are not aware of the food safety laws in their state, they could be putting you and your guests at risk.


A lot of catering companies get caught up in all the catering aspects of catering. Now this may sound fine to you, but if you hire a catering company who do not go that extra mile to make their service easy and friendly then you and your guest may end up disappointed, no matter how good the food is.


If you are running an event then you will want to stand out. No one wants to run a boring corporate event, and everyone wants to make theirs different, make it exciting, fun and enjoyable. To do this you need to be creative, but if you hire a catering service that has no creativity you will have them fighting you and holding you back at every turn.

Attention to Details

It can be easy to get lost focusing on the important things, but it is paying attention to the little details that makes a catering company truly great.

Get these 5 things right and your event will go smoothly. Well, at least the catering side of things! If this article has been helpful and you want to find out more then do not hesitate to head on over to alexanderevent.com