Eating healthy is almost a forgotten issue amongst youngsters. Hectic work schedules call for binge eating which actually affects our health in the long run. Whether it’s the liver, the heart or the blood cholesterol level, eating unhealthy foodstuffs definitely contributes in damaging all these organs and surely affects your optimum level for blood cholesterol. Even if you are hungry after strenuous hours of work, you can try out home made stuffs. They are not only healthy but add value to your health conditions.

Smart eating means that you really care about your health and would do anything to fit. I am not saying you will have to gorge on salads and fruits only. You still have chance to enjoy the sumptuous home made chocolate buttermilk cake.

Here is an easy way to make this yummy chocolate buttermilk confectionary on My Tartelette Cake Recipes.

1. Baking chocolate, 4 sqrs
2. Granulated sugar, 2 ¼ cups
3. Sour Milk or Butter Milk, 1 ½ cups
4. Butter, 1 cup
5. Baking soda, 1 tsp
6. Cake Flour (sifted), 3 cups
7. Baking powder, ½ tsp
8. Baking Soda, 1 tsp
9. Eggs ( separated from yolks), 5
10. Salt, ½ tsp
11. Vanilla, 1 tsp

Melt the chocolate over a vessel of water on simmering heat. Whip the butter and sugar until they turn into cream. Now add on the sifted flour, buttermilk, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Batter the yolks as well as the egg whites, and then add the vanilla. Now pour the mixture onto a cake pan in an oven and bake. These healthy delicious recipes are much in demand because of their yummy and healthy values. Visit healthy desert recipes ideas for more.