Lamb and beef are most commonly chosen for skewer broiling or “kabobs.” Any solid meat such as veal, pork, liver, kidneys, or even ham can be cooked skewer style. The meat should be cut in 1 – to 2-inch cubes. All but the ham are the better for being marinated in highly seasoned French dressing for an hour or so before being arranged on long metal skewers.

Sliced onions, sections of tomatoes and squares of bacon may be alternated on the skewers with the meat. Whole mushrooms are also used and are particularly good with liver and kidneys. Sliced apple as well as onion may be combined with the ham. When bacon is used, there should be a small space between it and the cubes of meat. Sometimes, slices of bacon are wrapped around the filled skewers.

The kabobs should be arranged on the rack some distance from the coals and turned occasionally until well broiled. If desired, the kabobs may be basted with a barbecue sauce. Otherwise, they should be sprinkled with salt and pepper after the cooking has been completed.