One of the best recipes for a good party is the choice of congenial guests who have common tastes. Most of us have a group of friends whom we see more than others, and who like to meet regularly. A practical plan for these social occasions is for each hostess in turn to entertain the group, with cooperation from the other members.

The hostess takes responsibility for planning the supper, which is usually served buffet style. She will, of course, consult with the other members of the group in regard to which foods each will bring. She will often prepare the meat in her own kitchen, and the man of the family will usually take responsibility for the mixing of the pre-dinner drinks. Sometimes the meat or other main dishes will be among the contributed articles, which should be of the type that can be transported successfully. Casseroles of vegetables, the ingredients and dressing for the salad, canapes or spreads and crackers to serve with the drinks, bread and rolls, and certain kinds of dessert will not be injured by traveling a few miles.

While the cooperative party may seem like a modern idea, a group of my friends from a small Pennsylvania town have been following this practice for several decades. The meals are called “tureen” suppers, as when they began this practice the word “buffet” was not used in the sense it is today. Whatever you call it, an affair of this sort makes a social occasion for all, calls for little work for the hostess and gives pleasure to everyone.

Veal scallopini
sprinkled with Parmesan cheese
Tossed green salad
Hot rolls
Bread sticks
Angel pie

Meat loaf
Mushroom sauce
New potatoes with chives
Asparagus vinaigrette Tomato and cucumber salad
Jellied grapefruit

Stuffed veal rolls in wine Noodles with poppy seeds
Baby beets
Wilted lettuce
Scalloped oysters with watercress
Creamed potatoes
Peas with mushrooms
Salad bowl
Peaches Jubilee
Cinnamon cookies

Roast pork 
Sweet potato casserole
Creamed spinach
Red and white cabbage salad
Chocolate fudge pudding  Coffee

Very special pot roast
Potato puff
String beans
Cucumbers with sour cream
Dutch apple cake