Turkey or chicken for roasting-50 pounds
Chicken for frying or fricassee-25 pounds
Fowl for creaming or mousse-18 pounds
Ham for baking-25 pounds
Beef round for Swiss steak-16 pounds
Beef chuck for patties-12 pounds
Ground meat for loaf-10 pounds
Bacon for garnishing baked beans-1 pound
Canned vegetables-2 No. 10 cans
Frozen vegetables-15 packages
Potatoes-20 pounds
Cabbage for cooking-12 pounds
Cabbage for salads-9 pounds
Carrots for cooking-12 pounds
Carrots for relishes-6 pounds
Baked beans-3 No. 10 cans
Lettuce or other salad greens for garnishing-2 to 3 heads,
according to size
Tomatoes for salad-16 pounds Cranberries for sauce-4 pounds
Apples for sauce-16 pounds
Rolls-8 dozen
Butter for rolls-2 pounds
Extra butter or margarine for cooking as estimated Coffee-1 pounds
Cream-1 quarts
Ice cream-2 gallons
Sugar for coffee-1 pound
Other sugar for cooking-as estimated
Oil for French dressing-1 pint
Mayonnaise for salad-1 pints
Tomato juice for salad-1 No. 10, 1 No. 2 can
Flavored gelatin for salads or desserts-8 packages
Unflavored gelatin for salads or desserts-2 packages
Seasonings, salad oil and shortening for which recipes call, should be checked so that they may be renewed or purchased fresh. Roast turkey
Cranberry sauce Candied sweet potatoes
Cole slaw
Buttered rolls
Creamed onions Pumpkin or mince pie
Coffee Glazed baked ham Creamed potatoes
Scalloped corn
Jellied tomato salad
Ice cream

Meat loaf
Scalloped potatoes
String beans with celery
Sliced tomatoes
French dressing
Chocolate layer cake
Coffee Meat patties
Mushroom sauce
Oven-fried potatoes
Sweet-sour red cabbage Celery
Carrot strips Cherry tarts

Spaghetti with meat sauce
Quick and savory baked beans
Mixed vegetable salad
Buttered brown bread
Buttered rye bread Sponge cake a la mode
Coffee Oven-fried chicken
Hot biscuits
Cream gravy Potato puff
Braised carrots
Jellied vegetable salad Upside-down cake

Squash pudding with lamb patties
Potatoes with parsley Spinach with lemon butter
Cole slaw
Devil’s food
Coffee Swiss steak Buttered noodles with poppy seeds
Glazed onions
Vegetable relishes
(celery, carrot strips, cauliflower)
Apple pie or cobbler

Note: Buttered rolls should be served with each menu, unless other bread is listed.