Breakfasts or suppers Champagne Champagne
Chicken and clam bouillon Honeydew melon with mint
Breast of chicken on Virginia ham Broiled chicken
Potato croquettes Potato puff
Asparagus vinaigrette Peas with mushrooms
Molded ice cream Small cakes Tossed green salad
Wedding cake Coffee Ice cream bombe Small cakes
Wedding cake Coffee

Afternoon and evening refreshments Champagne Champagne and brandy punch
Mixed sandwiches Savory canapes
(watercress butter, chicken paste, (caviar, smoked salmon,
foie de gras) egg and olive, anchovies)
Hot appetizers Diced rock lobster
Wedding cake Coffee Remoulade sauce
Wedding cake Coffee
Buffets Champagne cocktails Wine punch
Cold turkey Chicken a la king Chicken salad Lobster salad
Jellied tomato salad Thin bread and butter
Hot rolls Relishes Watercress sandwiches
Wedding cake Coffee Wedding cake Coffee Shower menus Luncheon and supper Avocado stuffed with crabmeat Club sandwiches
Potato chips Hot biscuits Mixed green salad
Relishes Mixed fruit compote
Raspberry sherbet Shower cake Small cakes Coffee
Coffee Chicken mousse with watercress
Tuna fish casserole Potato chips French bread
Grapefruit salad Hot rolls Asparagus with lemon butter
Ice cream molds Cookies Baked Alaska Coffee

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