Ingredients for the cookies:
Butter 1 cup (to be measured at room temperature)
Sugar (granulated) 1/4 cup
Egg (large) 1 number
Cocoa powder (preferably Dutch-process) 1/4 cup
Flour (all-purpose) 2 cups
Ingredients for the filling:
Apricot preserves 1/2 cup
Ingredients for the glaze:
Chocolate chips (semi-sweet) 1/2 cup
Butter (unsalted) 2 tablespoons

Method of Preparation

Heat the oven and bring it to 350 F. Keep ready 2 baking sheets either greased lightly or lined with parchment paper or non-stick baking mat. Beat butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl till you get a fluffy and light mixture. Add egg and beat in till the egg mix well with the mixture.

Separately sift together the cocoa and flour. Add to the to the creamed mixture, stir and blend well. Make out 1 inch balls from the dough and keep them on prepared baking sheets with 2 inches spacing. Make a hollow or an indentation in the center of each cookie ball with the help of your thumb.

Now bake the cookies for 12 to 15 minutes, till you get light brown firm cookies. Transfer the cooked cookies to a wired rack for cooling. Store the cookies in airtight containers at room temperature or deep-freeze them.

While serving, fill each hollow or the indentation with a piece of apricot preserve. Melt butter with chocolate chips in a double boiler using medium heat. Stir well till you get a smooth and even paste.

Pour the mixture into a plastic zip-lock bag and make a small cut at one of the edges with a scissors. Sprinkle the chocolate-butter mixture over the cookies and allow it to set before serving.

You will be able to get around 40 cookies with the above portion of ingredients.

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