One of the healthiest sources of protein available, and one of the most versatile ingredients, chicken recipe is a staple food in many societies. But familiarity breeds contempt and the standard chicken recipes have become boring and predictable. There are different ways to cross the worldly and ordinary types and make the recipes exciting and savory.

Very often chicken is baked with little or no flavor. It is only what it baked with the chicken that makes the meal delicious. This can be done easily with marinades. Marinades perfectly work and keep the chicken from becoming too dry. They are also readily available at the stores or they can be raised from scratch. By marinating chicken we get endless possibilities and flavours.

Chicken Recipes that go beyond Baking

There are many methods other than the traditional in baking chicken recipes. One of the best choices is to cook a whole chicken in a rotisserie over. This is great for families as they get plenty of meat that can be used for many different meals. The rotisserie chicken can be used as it is or served with side dished or the chicken can be taken apart for many meals.

Soups and stews are some of the best chicken recipes tastier when home made and include fresh vegetables. Besides changing the cooking pattern, choose different vegetables apart from the usual carrot, potato and corn. Use chick peas or Zucchini or any thing new to create a different flavor. All extra pieces that are left over can make a tasty soup or stew. The whole chicken helps to save money and is a bonus.

Though staple at the dinner table, chicken recipes should not be allowed to become predictable. New ways to cook, new marinades to use, new vegetables and ingredients can create new, delicious and different meals. These can be found in online search, recipe books and sites. Word of mouth from friends and family and trial and error home made chicken recipes will also serve the purpose exceedingly well.