Margarine or butter (softened) 1 cup
Cottage cheese (cream style) 1 cup
Flour (all-purpose) 2 cups
Egg white 2 numbers
Nuts (chopped) 2 cups
Water cup
Cinnamon (ground) 2 tablespoons

Method of Preparation

Combine margarine or butter and cottage cheese in a large bowl and beat together until the mixture become light and fluffy.

Now pour flour, stir well until the dough forms into a ball. Divide dough into 3 equal portions. Wrap each portion of the dough in a plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm. Heat the oven and bring it to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Keep ready cookie sheets duly greased properly.

To Make Filling: Add egg whites, nuts, water, and ground cinnamon.In a bowl and mix well and set aside. Sprinkle flour on a surface, roll one portion of dough into a 10 inch circle.

Take 1/3 of the filling and spread over the prepared dough circle duly leaving inch margin from the edge or perimeter. Now cut the circle dough with filling into 24 pie shaped wedges.

Roll up each wedge in a tight fashion beginning from the outer edge. Keep or place the rolled up wedges over the cookie sheet with a 1 inch spacing duly making the pointed side of the wedge facing the sheet.

Now bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until the cookies turn into golden brown. A word of caution – the cookies are highly prone to get burnt very quickly, you have to ensure proper cooking by watching carefully.

Remove and transfer to wired racks for cooling. Repeat the process with each remaining portion of dough and filling.