People with celiac diseases should avoid gluten totally to live a healthy life, but it is rather difficult. As many food recipes are made of flour it is practically impossible for them to avoid gluten. So, to avoid gluten, we have to find alternatives for these gluten filled foods.
With a little strain we can find a number of recipes free from gluten and delicious for taste. You can thus be free from celiac disease. Here are a few ways to have gluten free recipes in your daily diet.

All Purpose Flour

Nearly, every baking flour has, some gluten content. By making gluten free all purpose flour you can avoid problems connected with gluten and transform all baking recipes in to gluten free recipes. By mixing one cup brown rice flour, 1.1/4 cup white rice flour, cup potato starch, 2/3 cup tapioca starch, cup sweet rice flour, 1/3 cup arrow root starch and two tea spoons of xantham gum, you can form an all purpose flour in exchange for regular all purpose flour free from gluten.


Pasta is another staple flour, is a potential source of trouble for celiacs. But of late it is not posing much of a problem. Rice noodles are a great substitute for traditional pastas made with wheat flour. These can be found in the Asian foods section of your grocery store where you can find every thing from wide, flat noodles to noodles as delicate as angel hair pasta. You can enjoy your Italian pasta dishes with gluten free recipes.

Gravy and Fried Foods

Popular American meals have gravies thickened with flour and fried foods with breading composed in part of flour, celiac have a problem here as they require gluten free recipes for these popular foods. Fortunately corn starch works well for both gravies and frying foods, used as a thickener in Chinese foods. Corn starch can be applied to American recipes in gravies and as a base for breading when foods are fried. This is the way for enjoyment of some of the most popular American dishes with gluten free recipes with great flavor for your health.