Any good dish is liked and loved all over the world and different food recipes have won the hearts of people who are lovers of food. Singapore, with many different nationalities living together is a classical and wonderful example of what a melting pot of a variety of people can do to the food habits of it people.

Different Countries different Foods

Different nations have their own distinct food recipes that they can boast of. China, Malaysia, India and the West have influenced the eating habits of people all over the world. Singapore, particularly, has this tremendous foreign influence regarding the food recipes and eating habits of its population.

The French, the Italian, Indians and Singaporeans particularly are very fond of eating. As such Singapore is a typical example in providing multicultural cuisines with different food recipes to satisfy the culinary tastes of its diverse population. Chinese foods, loved all over the world have been in vogue for the last seven centuries and have influenced Singaporean food recipes pronouncedly and with authority.

Singaporean food recipes bridge a wide gamut of different culinary habits including Malay, American British and Italian cuisines. Very popular are the American burgers and hot dogs that are ubiquitous with out which we cannot imagine Singapore. In the same way we cannot think of Singapore without the very popular Italian Pizzas. These special food recipes cater to the diverse tastes of people who want to enjoy the dishes of other nations.

These food recipes popular the culture of other countries, create interest in other aspects leading to the explosion of tourist industry in Singapore. This also results in exports of foods, spices, and kitchen items including utensils giving a fillip to the food industry and the country s economy.

There is a crazy competition, about food recipes, between some food outlets vying with each other in out doing the other with crazy food recipes. There are outlets that serve up crock pot meats the meaning of which can be understood only in China.