Hold Your Guests Spellbound with Quick and Pressure Cooked Recipes

These use a kitchen tool used since ages but ignored and neglected by many. These recipes are designed to be prepared in a pressure cooker or slow cooker. It seals the air and liquids for cooking. The device uses the built up pressure for a special kind of cooking process. Pressure cooker recipes do not include items that should be roasted or fried deep. The pressure cooker recipes cook faster than those cooked in other cooking utensils.

Much time is served in cooking recipes in pressure cookers and the cook can easily serve the waiting and hungry customers. Though in use for many years, pressure cookers had lost popularity for some time. The latest models are extremely efficient for cooking quickly and safer than the old models. A bunch of potatoes can be cooked in a few minutes. The older models frightened others with a hissing sound. There was a fear that the pressure cooker would explode.

Quick Recipes

While cooking is very quick in a pressure cooker, it retains the flavor of the ingredients. Many recipes, hither to cook slowly, in other utensils, can be cooked in a pressure cooker quickly and easily. Foods cooked with liquids can also be adjusted for cooking in the pressure cooker.

Great recipes for soups, stews and pastas can also be adapted for cooking in a pressure cooker to save time. Any recipe cooked slowly in other vessels can be safely and quickly cooked in the pressure cooker.

Delicious beef stroganoff is a delicious and great pressure cooker recipe. This is cooked quickly in the pressure cooker. The beef cubes of this great recipe or dish are quickly cooked to save valuable time.

Cooks normally ignore this dish with normal cooking tools because it consumes much time. Wonderful stew is another dish for quick preparation in a pressure cooker. All of the nutrients of this dish are preserved and ready in a short while. An Indian curry, good and tasty, can be prepared in a pressure cooker with all the wonderful spices.