How to Dazzle Your Friends with Amazing Whisky Stills Recipes

Whiskey stills have been a party of our culture since American colonial times. Most colonists had their own whisky stills recipes as staples in their home and passed them down to the next generation. Stills became illegal during the days of prohibition and again the Depression when heavy tax was levied on alcohol. Thus bootleggers and revenue officials became mortal enemies. Many recipes for whisky stills, unfortunately, were lost in this struggle.

Today it is legal to have your own distillery so long as you dont sell your product. This is considered as income tax evasion. Whisky still construction and recipes are at hand on the internet and at your local book store. Brewing of your own beer, whisky and wine has become a hobby of great interest. You can ask fellow brewers for their best whisky still recipes and hints on aging, bottling and other needs.

Essential Ingredients

At the outset you should decide on what kind of whisky you would like to distill. You should decide on the type of grain you wish to employ. Potatoes, rye, rice, wheat and corn-all give different flavor. Corn liquor was the whisky originally called Moon shine during the period of depression. This whisky still recipe is available through books and the web. But be cautious as this recipe is easy to make and it contains very high ethyl alcohol content and a very unpleasant taste.

Much more pleasant to taste are rye, rice and wheat, whisky still recipes and easier to make. Many speciality stores have all the ingredients like grain, a sugar source, yeast, and ethyl alcohol in small quantities to jump start the distillery. You will find all the components if you want to make your own distillery or buy a ready made distillery.

Because it gives out frothy liquor, wheat is not used in recipes for whisky stills. It is more popular in home made beer. Consult your guide books, search internet chat rooms, or look at the label of your favorite liquor for the grain used, if you are uncertain of it. Like wheat, potato too should not be used. Potatoes are used in the distilleries for producing vodka. Though historically it is the favored drink of Russia, vodka is difficult to make unless you are a skilled distiller.

Recipe for whisky stills should have the right amount of sugar light brown raw sugar is available in any sugar market. This is preferred over white processed sugar. Each, liquor has a different sugar requirement. Hence follow the recipe directions properly.

The period of boot leg moon shine and bath tub gin are long over. Now you can use your own choice recipe for your whisky still. But it is illegal to sell your home made whisky without IRS stamps on the bottle. But you can make and enjoy it yourself.