I can recollect from my memories when we used to have dinner on the church grounds fro special church functions. During such dinner I have seen people consume fried chicken bought from the stores. I have never understood why the chicken was purchased. Whether it was due to improper planning, improper ideas or due to time shortage I never knew. But this was not restricted to our church alone.

I have been traveling all over the country and have lived in many places with different culture. During the potluck offering it has been like a ritual people bring fires chicken or deli from a neighboring eatery. There is nothing wrong with it but on a Sunday with some many delicious recipes people opt to this traditional cooking instead of bringing something spicy or trying a delicious dessert.

Sundays need not be the only time when you prepare a dessert or a casserole. I talk about these as I have seen them as most dishes from my childhood. When there is a group gathering when people pool their offerings it is the time to show off you cooking skills among your colleagues. You can even provide them with different types of salads on the event which even people who are on diet can eat without fear.

Sunday dinners need not be rich in calories or rich in fat foods. You should cook the food you and your family will like eating. Whenever we prepare foods we like we always put out heart and soul in making it that it turns out to be delicious. We never feel that it is a task to be completed. We should prepare the food we like even for the potlucks so that it turns out to be a success. But remember not to make the same dish for every potluck lest you will be cornered of knowing only that particular dish.

I would suggest you to go online and search for casserole recipes. Your favorite magazines can also provide you with some healthy recipes in casserole and desserts which you can present in the potlucks. The new recipes collected by you from a long time can be used for these potluck parties. Even if your family does not like them it does not make a difference as there will be no leftovers for the week. At the same time if the recipes are like by my family members I can prepare them once in a while to make them happy.

Many people dread a Sunday dinner as they make the day hectic. But in reality it need not be. One can always opt for slow cooking in crock-pots while they relax on a Sunday. All you have to do is to fill your electric cooker with the necessary ingredients and on it. You will be awakened by a terrific whiff in the air stating a delicious meal which is ready. You can visit the church on time with your dinner also ready. This is an excellent way to make a great dinner on Sunday in a easy and simple way.

You can always get the praises of your fellow members, friends and relatives when you choose a simple and easy recipe on such occasions even if you are a novice in the cooking field. Desserts are the easiest dish which can be prepared overnight and kept frozen. You will never be criticized for the dessert you have prepared. One of the website that recommends relishing desserts is The Kraft foods. So when you join the potluck event next time never go for fried chicken rather dish out some of your favorite recipe and amaze your friends and relatives.