Goal setting is essential and an important part in your life while dieting. When you analyze your achievements impartially, you would realize that your achievement is due to a well defined plan and the follow up steps taken to achieve that goal. Now, let us
understand how goal setting is related to dieting and its importance

The first step is you should have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, otherwise it becomes a difficult task to reach your goal. Sometimes, it may be difficult to identify your success or failure, if you are not sure of the possibilities of your outcome in life. Hence, it is absolutely imperative to identify your dieting goals before the elimination process.

The second step is you can judge your own process by having dieting goals which acts as a measuring yardstick. This helps you in finding out that whether you are following the schedule correctly, or lagging behind or ahead of the schedule you have outlined.

Having come to know why we set goals for weight reduction, we should also know the procedures to be laid for setting those goals that can be achieved for a successful dieting. Here a word of caution. Never set goals beyond your reach as these may lead to frustration and finally you may give up the whole idea of dieting. Instead set your goals in simple ways and take care to ensure that you reach them effectively by following easier steps.

Again, weight loss can be effective only when you are specific in setting your goals. Instead of trying to lose 40 or 60 pounds at a time and finding it difficult to achieve, start with a specific goal of reducing 10 pounds in a month which is easier and much more practical. Once you achieve this, you can gain confidence and try it for the next 4 or 5 months to reduce 40 pounds or 6 or 7 months to reduce 60 pounds. This method is simple to work out and more convincing for effective weight loss.

Another factor to be kept in mind is while setting the goal is to be accountable for your efforts. But do not scrap the entire exercise in case you have reduced only 9 pounds instead of 10 pounds. Be wise to find out the missing gap and set again your target for the next month to reduce 10 pounds.

The main idea of this whole exercise is to create awareness that whatever you do and follow is for your personal goal only and not imposed by someone else. The basic truth is that whatever you do whole heartedly with total involvement for achieving your personal goal is more rewarding than when you do it for someone else. Ultimately it is the desire in your heart which plays a motivating factor than anything else.

Finally, you can motivate yourself for achieving the dieting goals with few rewards other than food items. This can be according to your choice like buying accessory for your wardrobe or have a facial for a new look or anything that pleases you. Be sure to allow yourself for some fun and frivolous as rewards are definitely a booster to accomplish your dieting goals successfully.