We are very happy with the initial stages in dieting but we later regret for it. But if it really works there is nothing to worry about dieting and you have to find the actual reason that will work out for you.

There are all kinds of first-class motivators to take dieting seriously and the common one is weight loss the main reason. Some really want to wear an outfit they wore when they were in high school while some are just satisfied when they look at themselves in the mirror without a feeling of guilt in them Some of them feel it is vain while some deal with it to overcome their lifelong problems. If your inspiration is to reach the goal with your dieting then it is the best reason to start dieting.

Physical fitness in also a reason for dieting as most of us want to live long and for this one needs a good health and physique so in that urge and getting into shape they lose weight . So, this is how each one of us find our own motivations from within ourselves.

Another important aspect is to save the energy you required to handle little ones and this is a heartbreaking effect for many with obesity . Your energy is drained off by the end of the day to have fun with the little ones who grow very fast. You lack energy to share those precious moments of life If you are a little overweight you undergo even a worse condition where even small inter-actions with the child causes physical pain.

An excellent motivator for some people is Revenge so far as dieting is concerned to shed off the weight in them, although losing a lot of weight is time consuming and you have to hold up with it with lot of hindrances. But remember the way to a new shape is not an easy one and this is especially done by emotional healing and best revenge to erase all old looks and be back looking more beautiful. If this is helpful and fruitful you can try it.

Yet another common motivation of weight loss in Religion as some have a belief that body is to be treated as a temple and this belief is not wrong though many may not accept it easily. Religion and faith are mighty in motivating people as it heals by power of their belief or prayers. So with the will power and strength they also reach the goals in dieting.

If you feel the motive behind your dieting and weight loss is not working as you planned, it is necessary that you search another motive as fast as you can, otherwise it is unconvincing that you will reach your weight loss goals without it.