One of the most preferred options for a light dinner, especially during winter is soup. You can fill your tummy satisfactorily with two big servings of soup with wheat buns or wheat crackers. Most of us generally have the habit of storing tinned soups in our store cupboard so that if any of the family members is hungry he/she can make a quick soup recipe. However, one main thing that all of us should realize is that the soup should be boiled in a low flame in a homemade pot and we should actually wait till the aroma of all the ingredients blends completely. With this is mind you can make a hearty soup recipe taste wonderful, be it chicken matzo ball soup or even lentil soup.

Do you Cook Light Soup Recipes for Supper?

So, can we serve a light soup recipe at supper? It depends on your appetite. If you and your family are used to having a light dinner or are traveling then a bowlful of soup is a very good option for a satisfying evening meal. This is because:

1. Soups have to eaten slowly and should be enjoyed with every sip rather than gulping it down at a go.

2. The sumptuous liquid material dominating the soup makes ones stomach feel heavy after having it.

3. The fibrous content from beans, vegetables, and/or whole grains in the soup or stew adds content to the dish, making the person feel heavy.

However, cooking light soup recipes can also be served as dinner.

The Creamy Add-ons

If you are too concerned about the calorie intake while having your soup, you dont have to fret on it if you are cooking light soup recipe, especially with those that are broth or tomato based. A cup of broth has only 25 grams calories and 1-2 gms of fat where as a cup of tomato juice has around 40 gms calories and 1 gram of fat.

On the other hand, cooking light soup recipe with a cream-base is highly rich in fat as a cup of light liquid whipping cream is around 700 gms of calories and 74 grams of fat and so a half cup of the same crme would be half of the calories mentioned. Adding whole milk while cooking light soup recipe with whipped cream is going to be rich in terms of calories and those who wish to put on some valuable weight can relish on this.

A cup of whole milk is around 150 gms calories and 8 grams of fat. When you use milk while cooking light soup recipes you are actually making the soup taste creamier and is much less caloried than the cream soup.

You can always go for low-fat milk and fat-free half-and-half types of milk. But make sure you cook these milk types in a low flame and then have it added to the soup in the end to keep the dish warm.