How to make Cathedral Window successfully for the first time


Margarine or butter pound
Chocolate chips (semi-sweet) 12 ounces
Walnuts (chopped) 1 cup
Mini marshmallows (coloured) 12 ounces
Grated coconut (sweetened) 7 ounces

Method of Preparation

Use a double boiler and heat butter with chocolate chips under low heat and stir occasionally. You will get a smooth and melted mixture. Allow to cool for some time. Take a bowl and add nuts and marshmallows and mix.

Add the chocolate and stir in. Take 5 nine-inch waxed paper sheets and sprinkle with coconut generously. Divide the dough into five parts and place each part over each waxed paper sprinkled with coconut.

Roll firmly to make 2-inch diameter logs and keep in refrigerator whole night until the roll get firm. Unwrap from waxed paper ant cut into inch slices before serving.

Servings: 60