There are not many people who know about the significant relationship between weight and diabetes. There are high occurrence of gestational diabetes in people who are very fat and those who are not. Overweight people are most affected with Type 2 or adult onset diabetes than those who are under the normal weight. Almost 90% of the people who are very fat suffer from Type 2 diabetes and the best thing to do yourself is to reduce your weight become normal.

Nearly 40% of the people who suffer from Type 2 diabetes have a high blood pressure, which is caused due to excess weight, another condition known as insulin resistance where the body does not react to the insulin that is required to help the body in using sugar and glucose as energy on a cellular level is caused due to over weight.

You can help yourself in this condition known as Type 2 diabetes by deducting your pounds although it is very difficult and not a fun for any average man. Hence if you do not decide to something serious to have a good health you may not be in a position to enjoy the many wonderful things in your life, so plan yourself to enjoy watching your second and third generations.

Be ready to face it courageously and do not let it overpower you and if you neglect it will lead you to the end instead if you fight against it, lose your weight, do your exercise regularly and follow the doctors advice carefully and fight against this disease with all your strength and you will be surprised to see what are the changes that take place for taking such a decision for the sake of a healthy life.

Try to be very active throughout without lacking energy and be even ready to play shuffleboard daily. Enjoy being in the sun , be active and pick flower with the children, play golf and just do anything that keeps you always on the move everyday with only one thought in mind that you want to live long and enjoy life.

Keep a track of what you consume as you have to be very strict so far as your diet in concerned when you have been diagnosed with diabetes and you should adapt to live within limits to enjoy life most. Now a days there are a number of food stuffs available for diabetic patients and all you have to do is good diet planning and never forget how important and essential it is to do so.