To live a long and healthy life one should remember two aspects: diet and fitness. Most of them are of the opinion that both are the same , actually a perfect and healthy diet can be had with wrong fitness habit and at the same time a good physique can be maintained with aromatic foods.

Like the clever little line in the Jimmy Buffet song Fruitcakes when his lady laments and goes like this:-

I treat my body like a temple; you treat yours like a tent

When I think about the people in the world I remember these lines and those who go on these garbage in and garbage out plans thinking that they would be success in weight loss about those who guarantee these products.

Actually weight can be reduced only through diet, although it sounds difficult it is capable of being done, it is also that one can be fit and at the same time with a few pounds more in weight, as it depends on what we consume. Like if one consumes a high fat low substance diet our body will be not having the fuel needed to burn the fat. It is also that if we do not provide the body with the foods required to build muscle it does not matter the weight we gain.

You can achieve good results in diet and fitness when they are worked in co-ordination than done separately. Your fitness routine should be used to burn excess calories and at the same time the diet should equally provide the body with the ingredients and fuel needed for the building up of the muscles as a pound of muscle is said to weigh less than a pound of fat. But it is not true as a pound of muscle uses less space in the body than a pound of fat, and it is better to have muscle than fat in the body. But remember only dieting does not help you build muscle with all your efforts.

You should also know that when you are building muscle you may be losing only inches and does not make a big progress and this should be remembered all along the weight reduction process and never calculate your progress by the scale only or it may mislead you. Many people become a victim to this and are upset about it and stop when they are really progressing. Have a look in the mirror yourself and try the pants which were once tight on you and measure your waistline too and feel happy about it and not just by making note of the pounds shed that week.

By including fitness in your diet plan you are helping your body to exhaust the extra calories you have added during the day. If you skip by not doing it in the morning you can burn more calories in the evening, but it should not become regular habit.

The relationship between dieting and fitness is like that of a ball and glove, although one can be done without the other, it is better when both are done in co-ordination as it results in a tremendous weight loss who are serious about both the aspects and each is interdependent and when done together it yields very good results.