No person or group claims that the grapefruit diet plan is his or hers. Anyhow, the grapefruit diet plan that has been followed by many over the years to lose weight in about twelve weeks.

Anyhow, you must also keep in mind that the weight loss as a result of following the grapefruit juice plan diet will not last after you stop this diet because most of the weight loss is water weight rather than fat loss. Suppose you club your plan along with a good exercise regimen, then you are burning calories simultaneously that may eventually last.

The Expectations of a Grapefruit Juice Diet Plan

A grapefruit juice diet plan is high on fats and proteins but low on calories. Since it is lo on calories, it is best suited for losing weight. So in this manner a grapefruit juice diet plan is not so different when compared to the other diet plans available in the market today.

The difference with this diet plan is that it requires you to eat at least one grapefruit everyday along with each of your meal. Scientists and researchers have found out that consuming grapefruits along with each meal causes the insulin levels in your body to go down that makes the person feel stomach full fast so that he or she does not tend to over eat.

The other difference in the grapefruit juice diet plan when compared to the other diet plans is that you can consume any amounts of salad dressings and butter. Even the food that they intake can be prepared any way, even fried. They can have any amount of meat for their lunch and dinner. Coffee is also allowed after breakfast. Any kind of vegetables is also acceptable as long as they are rich in starch like the beans and sweet potatoes.