Where Does The Quest Begin?

When someone is looking for a good southern cooking recipe you would be tempted to ask them from where they are, isnt it? Say you live in the northern most part of the globe, and then you have the remainder of the world recipes with you as southern cooking recipes. But the main challenge is to make the dish stick out of the rest. What if you were staying some where down south in the atlas then where would you be looking for southern cooking recipe. However, it is up to a persons personal taste and preference to decide on hoe to have the final dish, like you can decide on how you would love to have a fresh sea food raw or cooked.

Which Part of the World Do You Reside?

The quest to find the best southern cooking recipe may differ from place to place and the main deciding factor is the place you are residing now. For example, let us consider Asia the first thing that would strike is whether it is sushi and then you may wonder if the it is oriental stir-fry with fried rice or something else. But if you are in some part of America what is important is whether you stay in the north or in the south of the US and do people define the southern cooking recipes as mere fast foods or name it MacDonnell!

You may even find a variant of the food you have daily. Like, it could be a deep fried chicken that is wrapped in corn flour and spices to make the flavor match the Kentucky Fried Chicken dishes. And if you have had the experience of traveling south to south then you will not be surprised to see guacamole, enchiladas, tortillas and chili con carne as the best southern dish as referred by Latinos.

Cooked crocodile and wild hare stew with lots of fresh vegetables are some of the finest southern cooking recipes of Australia. But if you are in Africa the best southern recipes have cream, mushrooms, the best end lamb chops, baby potatoes, fresh mixed vegetables and some good traditional homemade chutney that were cooked in a cast iron pot placed over the fire. Doesnt it sound of the country side?

Different people have different preferences and tastes when it comes to cooking and food. There are a few people who cannot tolerate with international cuisines where as on the other hand you have bon vivants who love to experiment with various dishes. Make sure you appreciate as well as criticize foods that were prepared by you and this way you get to learn your mistakes by yourself.