Easy Italian Recipes – A Perfect Holiday Shoestring Budget

With approaching holidays your gift lists are bulging like anything with a number of people. Your budget will be worrying you too much though you do not want to cut short the list of people. Here is just an idea to carry out all your objectives in a budget friendly way by a little thoughtfulness and spending some time at the library. With some inexpensive stocking stuffer items you can make a delightful gift to any one on your list who prefers Italian food.

Italian cooking is easy and adheres to the basic Mediterranean diet. It is healthy and in expensive. You can share a wonderful collection of easy Italian recipes with your friends as a holiday gift. A visit to a library or a look into your cook book will give you dozens of Italian recipes which are simple and common.

Diane Darrow and Tom Mareskas The Season of the Italian kitchen is the best resource cook book though similar other books are available. The secret pf Italian food is the freshness of ingredients and simplicity, its seasonal nature and the use of in season produce. This reduces the cost of the dish. For example frozen artichokes are more costly in January and do not equal the delectable summer product.

Organize the dozen or more easy Italian recipes by season and put them in the recipe file whether in the album style or the old fashioned recipe box.

Consider each recipe for the required seasonings. Buy some bulk herbs, mix up a few sufficient for each dish, place them in small spice jars or empty baby food jars with the lids painted in green, red and white Italian design. For short distances consider small clay pots of fresh herbs. Other delicacies in your basket may include semolina wheat egg noodles, a little olive oil and pesto for an unusual and an excellent side dish. A block of old Parmesan will be tasty with Bruschetta noodles and salads. Fresh mozzarella is superior to the grated or dry types and is marvelous in pizza and in lasagna or cannelloni.

Depending on your basket goodies you can prepare a fabulous gift for under $ 20. Persons interested in Italian food will get through this gift more enjoyment than a costly and fancy sweater. If you want you can put a nice bottle of Italian Chianti in your basket for the perfect holiday gift.