Fast foods have taken the place of a healthy meal in the modern world. People of all ages rely on fast food that it has become difficult to tech the younger generation about the importance of eating healthy. One should remember that the cheapest and quickest meals that are available in the form of fast foods are the least of all healthy foods. So, it is high time that the elders make a choice and cultivate the habit of eating healthy in their children.

Well, getting a child to eat a healthy meal is a little difficult, but with a few tricks you can for sure instill healthy eating habit in your kids lifestyle. Think creative and follow the tips suggested here to lure your kid to healthy eating.

# Include healthy foods where ever possible. Kids do not understand the importance of healthy eating; but they should include fresh vegetables and fruits even if they do not prefer it. However, if the kid is not ready to take in healthy foods, do not force him or her. Instead try to camouflage the veggies and fruits in your kids favorite food items. Try making banana or apple muffins and pizzas with a toping of spinach.

# Label fruits and veggies with funny names. For example you can call broccoli as trees or pineapple as a spiky headed and so on making learning and eating a healthy and an enjoyable process.

# Prepare tasty and healthy food. Ranch dress the broccoli and add peanut butter as a topping for celery. You will have to be creative in choosing the right replacement that is healthy and also adds flavor to the food being prepared. Once in a while allow the kid to pic his/her own topping.

# Presentation is the key. Even if you have prepared the most tongue tantalizing food, a poor presentation can make the kid opt another food item. Decorate the food to make funny faces or characters that your kid adores. Food is not a thing to play with, but at times breaking the rules can help you to make your kid healthy food.

There are many other ways through which you can make your child eat healthy; but remember that adding the fun element can help the kid prefer green vegetables and fresh fruits. It is very easy to go off the healthy eating habit but it takes a lot of time and patience to get the child eat what is healthy for him or her. A little bit of mind game will make the process easy and fun for both, parents and kids.