In todays digital era with everyone in the rat race no one has the time to sit and eat good and healthy food. People are always are on the move eating fast foods in the time they get in between not even caring if the food consumed by them is healthy or not. It is time we took a break and restored the traditional homemade delicious recipes made in our families from generation to generation. We should go back to our memories when the slow cooking recipes use to fill the house with its smell and taste and the red velvet homemade cakes. These thoughts make us long for those home made healthy foods. Let us taker a break and shift over to slow cooking process as these important things can really bring a change in our lives.

Those slow home cooking recipes are nothing but the traditional dishes prepared by our mother and grandmother. Their batter stained recipe books fills our lives with aroma of their homemade pies, cakes and jams. Those nutritious recipes are still there but it is we who have left them far behind in our rat race which is the only remedy for our unhealthy food habits.

The Extinction of Home Cooking Recipes

It is high time we passed on those traditional relishing recipes which were prepared by our mom and grand mom. Even if the collection of recipes is less it does not matter but can relive the tradition ny adding our own favorites. Children will cherish the idea and also the gift along with the memories where their parents used to cook together to give their favorite recipes. Whenever they will prepare cookies or knead flour for bread they can opt for the easy an simpler ways used by their mom or grand mom which can make their cooking nostalgic about their home when they were kids.

It is in our hands to make recipes as our familys favorite and hand it down to our children. Children will treasure those recipe books with pride when they see them in their moms handwriting. They will also follow the same and hand over the same to their children. Whatever may be the homemade recipes whether they have only simple ingredients or it is a thanksgiving recipe they are dearer than anything we would have received from our mom.