We insist on low calorie diet when we go for an eat out. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow while you dine out.

– Keep a check on the salad dressing or sauces you ordered during your intake.

– Grilled fish or vegetables can be requested to be grilled without butter or oil. Or else ask them to use very little oil.

– Prefer tomato based sauces to cream based ones when you order pasta dishes as tomato being a vegetable is low in fat and calories.

– Avoid drinking soda or beverages that have alcohol instead drink tea, diet soda or just water.

– Share the dessert you have ordered with your friend so that the calories consumed remains half.

– Soups are excellent starters that are low in calories so always choose soups that are not cream based as they are more in calories and are also have high fat level.

– Salsa is a very good option when you order for a baked potato as it is not only low in calories but provides good flavor and taste.

– The moment the body warns you are full stop eating as it is good to heed to your body.

– If you have unfinished portion of food take it home and eat it at a meal later. You pay one price for two meals.

– If your conscious and plan to have a lesser amount of food then it is better to have an appetizer and salad or have only two appetizer only.

– A baked potato or steamed vegetables are the best choice of side dishes for a low calorie diet.

– Choose food that are steamed, poached, grilled or broiled from the menu as very little fat is used in these process of cooking so have less calories.

– Bread or rolls are best when eaten as plain rather than adding butter or oil. The fat added add to the calories.

– Choose fruits and vegetables as the main part of your meal as they are not only rich in fiber but also have vitamins and minerals in plenty.

– Always opt for food like whole wheat bread and dishes made from brown rice and whole grains.

– Fruits and berries are an excellent choice for people who have a sweet tooth and wish to eat a dessert.

– Last but not the least never deny yourself of your favorite dishes. Balance your diet in such a way that all types of foods are included in your diet.