Have you ever tried French cooking? If you had then you will be one of those who consider French cooking to the best of all other country cuisines. It is not only about the food motley that grabs peoples attention but also the flavor that draws people all over the world to French cooking. The good news is that you dont have to enroll yourself into any French cooking classes to learn cooking French dishes!

So is your taste bud tickling and motivating you to cook a French dish now then you can try this recipe. If you are new to this style of cooking, relax, as it may take you sometime to master French cooking and this can happen only with practice.

French Onion Soup An Easy to Cook and Easy to Impress French Dish

French onion soup has always been a hit with the beginners who are in the process of learning French cooking. It is simple, easy and appetizing which of course is a well appreciated food in the family and friends circle.

Before you start, you will need
Large onions 4 nos.
Grated cheese – 3 oz
Butter – 7 oz
White wine – 1 bottle
Bouillon powder – 2 teaspoons
White bread – 4 slices
Garlic – 1 clove

First of all, peel off the onion skin and cut them into rings. Add butter into a frying pan and then put in the chopped onion rings. Wait until the onions become soft and then pour white wine and bullion. Stir the content and simmer the flame for 30 minutes. Once you are done with the cooking turn off the flame and top it up with grated cheese. Make sure you transfer the content to a servicing bowls and right before you serve them you can add some more grated cheese that will act as a perfect topping to this dish.

Next, you will have to heat the dish for almost 20 minutes in the oven and wait till the grated cheese topping fully melts. Now the soup is ready to be served. You can also prepare an appetizer to be served along with this soup.

Even though you may feel that French cooking is time consuming and difficult to learn, but you will for use enjoy the flavor and accept it as a part of your daily menu, once you master it!