Food portion sizes and dieting:

People trying to lose weight are generally familiar with the impediments on their way. You begin to wonder some times why your weight loss program ends in utter failure. Are you eating much fat, are you not looking taking enough grains and vegetables? How much problem you should take and from where is it right to eat animal products or should eat tofu? These are all the questions which the dieters are plagued with.

The most significant factor neglected by many dieters is food portion sizes. Whatever healthy food you eat, too much of it, according to research, will not result in loss of weight. The old idea that you can eat as much of vegetables and grains as you wish is a myth and has become irrelevant today and has lost credibility. According to many weight loss experts and gurus food portion size is the most important and significant factor in weight loss.

The disadvantage is that there is no guide to portion sizes of food. Though USDA food portion sizes guideline is available for reference it is not accepted universally. The bureaucratic government may take years to update food guidelines to the latest thinking. Each diet plan appears to have its own guidelines for food portion sizes.

You have to find a standard and stick to it which is an important thing. Many people commit the blunder of deciding food portion sizes through their sight. This causes some of the problems we face in our welfare. We have grown up in an atmosphere where more is considered better. Restaurants, cafeterias and even house holds serve large portion of food that are excessive though they look normal.

A friend of mine, a dieting expert, endorses the rule of determining the food portion sizes. While you all first starting diet, try out a basic type of food- a plain vegetable dish, a breast of chicken or anything and se how much you need to feel satisfied. Two thirds of that, roughly, is the appropriate food portion size. When you start dieting you should feel that you are always hungry. If you dont feel like that you are probably eating a little too much.