When you are working or do not have time to prepare desserts and when you have guests the best way is to prepare it before hand and freeze them. Follow the tips properly to freeze desserts successfully:

-The food prepared should be cooled rapidly and wholly
–_ Once it is cooled pack the food in a moisture proof package. Double wrap if possible. Let out all the air out of the packet. Ait leads to freezer burn.
-Seal the packet nicely. If the packet is not sealed properly it will take up the flavor of other dishes. There are chances of the food to turn dry. Keep the packed away from strong odor foods.
-Name all the packets with date and what it contains. This helps us to know how long the food can remain good. Always use good food only.


Cake of all varieties can be frozen from fruit cakes to mixed cakes. Baked cakes are best for freezing. Unbaked cake can be kept only for two weeks in the freezer. Unbaked cakes are not good for freezing unlike the baked ones.

Keep the baked cakes in the room temperature for about three to four hours for the cake to become soft. You can soften cup cakes and small cakes in fifteen to twenty minutes. Frozen batter of cakes should be defrosted before baking them in the oven.


Baked or unbaked pies can be frozen both ways. Some pies taste good when they are frozen and then baked whereas some are tasty when baked then frozen. Pies made of minced meat and fruits are best when frozen. A baked pie can be defrosted by placing it in an oven in low heat in about half an hour. An unbaked pie should be kept in an oven to soften and twenty minutes more to get cooked.


The cookie dough can be kept frozen as you keep baking the cookies. Shortbreads, chocolate chips, peanut butter and brownies are best when frozen. Cookies which crumble should always be refrigerated in form of the dough. This dough can be kept frozen for four to six weeks. Baked cookies soften in about fifteen minutes. The dough when removes should completely soften before use.

This melting of the cookie dough takes too long. The method given below can be followed when you are preparing cookie next time. Make balls out of the dough and freeze them on a cookie sheet. When the balls are frozen put these balls in a zip lock bags and pile them up in the freezer. Whenever you need cookies take out the quantity you need and bake them when they are still frozen. The same can be done with cut out cookies. Store some cookies each time you prepare and soon you will have a good collection of assorted cookies.

So never be scared next time when you are having unexpected guests. The above mentioned tips can help you to dish out a delicious dessert for them right away!