The most versatile and Healthful Garden Salad Recipe

It is patent that most of us do not get our five to eight servings of fruits and vegetables every day. There are very expensive and so it is not possible to eat them in large quantities. No doubt, these foods are highly beneficial, full of anti oxidants, vitamins, trace minerals, fiber, and anti ageing effects, but the thought of five to eight servings in a three meal days, quite alarming and unmanageable.

Our health will be better if we take these foods regularly. It is a miracle if you can make your child eat green beans. You have to think of ways and means to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in your family. A garden salad recipe is the answer and that is your own creation.

You can hide up a few of the five to eight servings, masterfully by serving a garden salad every night with dinner with a few all through the week in the lunch box. The problem with produce prices is that much of its wasted. You make a garden salad to night with Romaine Hearts, tomatoes and a cucumber and then totally forget these choice ingredients. Tomorrow it is green beans and the next day it is corn. Therefore you dont move towards the fish produce stand as you feel guilty and cannot afford to waste.

This is the sneaky way to force your menus with those healthful plant companions along with your regular meals. Let the garden salad recipe a daily feature at the dining table. It can be small but tasty. The salad is not a whole some dish as to effect eating the main dish you can probably add a few canned or frozen green beans or corn with the attractive meat loaf.

The greatness of garden salad is that it requires no recipe. Any ingredient is suitable an by changing them daily you can use up leftovers, add a couple of sliced mushrooms or a can of sliced olives with a mix of the weeks produce. The only constant in the garden salad is the greens. In the place of iceberg better have garden salad recipes with different textures and types of greens- choose them according to season for their value, nutrition, and cost?

Use tomatoes and green onions when they are at the peak of freshness. Wash and crisp your greens soon after you return from the store putting them in paper towels inside a zip plastic bag to keep them fresh and crisp. You can use these when the fresh produce is exhausted. That small bit of broccoli or three bean salad can go with a few shavings of parmesan and croutons for a brand new garden salad recipe.

Let your garden salad be an appetizer every night. Soon you will find your kid and family expect this addition in your menus. Dont waste, be satisfied and healthy.