Different people use a fruit juice diet plan for different purposes. Most of them use it to lose weight while some other use it for detoxing. Some people go on a fruit juice diet plan to rejuvenate. Each person has his or her own reason to go in for a fruit juice diet plan and has their favorite fruit juice diet plan as well. Some prefer general fruit whereas other prefer grape fruit juice diet plan.

Citrus fruit juice diet plans are highly recommended for detoxing. You can follow a fruit juice diet plan between one to five days. There are two groups who believe in two different things with regards to fruit juice diet plan. One believes that detoxing is the most vital factor and weight loss is not an issue whereas others believe that this can take place only with juice fasting to lose weight.

The Positive and Negative Aspects

Fruit juice diet plan is something very simple to follow since you are just going to be having fruit that is nutrient rich and healthy. You can also lose weight on a rapid pace and a good fruit juice diet plan removes all the toxins from your body thus leaving you feeling energized.

On the negative side, a fruit juice diet plan leaves you feeling weak because of the low calorie intake.

Juice fasting cannot be considered a weight loss program on a long-term basis, and very often you gain back all that you have lost during those five days. You might experience symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, fatigue, and irritability. These are because of the detoxing process.