Ordinary Cooks and Gourmet Recipes on the Fly

Irrespective of your ability to cook or not, it is eminently possible for your enjoy gourmet meals. If you enjoy cooking you may think that gourmet recipe is no where near your scope. If you dont enjoy cooking your favorite gourmet dishes are not served at home. It is always possible to prepare gourmet recipes and get much applause on your home cooked gourmet dish. There are eight such dishes easy to prepare and delicious in taste.

At the restaurant, almost every item of the menu may be termed as a gourmet selection. What you mean by gourmet is complicated sauces, fine combination of perfect ingredients which is a reasonable expectation.

Diners generally dont realize that in spite of not being professional saucers, they can make a reasonable replica of the wonderful dish at home. Bottled sauces and marinades from the market can come to your help. Surely your friends and family will love it and enjoy such sauces are pricey and can flavor food incredibly.

The secret of success of your recipes is the freshness and the over all quality of ingredients. Gourmet cooks fuss about this notoriously. This factor is the cause of all the difference.

Three ingredients make over first gourmet recipe. Chicken in pleasant sauce is delightful and easy. Slice two boneless chicken breasts into 1.1/2 slices. Saut the chicken at 425 degrees for just a few minutes, so that there is no pink meat, put the chicken into a bowl and add a few table spoons of bottled Thai styled peanut sauce. Mix till it is well coated. Serve over hot rice. Drizzle warm peanut sauce over the dish. As a variation you can substitute bottled lemon pepper sauce or sweet and sour sauce for the peanut sauce.

Fish makes for a natural easy and spectacular gourmet recipe. Use six ounces of fish for serving and microwave as per the instructions of the butcher. Top with bottled salsa or chutney. Search some bottled white sauce with capers and white pepper. Top each serving with a couple of table spoons of sauce salmon and hollandaise are a heavenly match.

Portobello mushrooms, crab meat stuffed and with cheese is a stunning dish. Pick very carefully for cartilage. Allow about 3 ounces for serving. For each serving use about 1/3 to cups diced Havarti dill cheese and cup of plain bread crumbs. Mix it all in a bowl. Then divide among the stemmed whole mushrooms. Broil till the cheese is melted and browned lightly. Top each with a spring of fresh tarragon and serve.

Hence there are eight gourmet recipes that you can prepare in no time.