Grapefruit Juice Diet Review – Is it Yet Another Craze?

The pink grapefruit juice diet has been around for quite sometime unlike the other diets that come in every month. The grapefruit juice diet reviews are mixed with regards to the sustainability it has, however, it is proven that it does cause weight loss at least for a short term.

There is no proof so as to whether this magical fruit called grapefruit actually causes weight loss. Anyhow the grapefruit juice diet reviews have found out that grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and fiber, and it also lower your insulin levels when the person eats causing them to feel less hungry. Although in this way the grapefruit diet plan seems to be a success in the weight loss program, it is not very effective in various other ends.

Details on the Plan

The grapefruit juice diet reviews have found out that most of he plans are low on calorie and carbohydrates and high on protein. The low caloric value is the main cause for weight loss. Anyhow, when this plan is not clubbed with an exercise regimen you will put on weight once you stop dieting.

Also, the grapefruit juice diet review has found out that one half of grapefruit must be intaken along with each meal during the day. The grapefruit can be replaced by eight ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice. For breakfast, you can take in two eggs and slices of bacon. For lunch, you can have salad dressings and meat prepared in your style. Coffee is also allowable after breakfast. For dinner, the plan is similar to lunch except that you have to add in vegetables that are rich in starch.