Serve Healthy recipes for Kids

In this modern age your children may laugh if you suddenly serve them a bowl of granola for breakfast instead of the sweet stuff they are used to eating. It looks incredible for you and you are surprised. You have to be a little creative if you want your little sweeties to be converted into healthy recipes for kids. You have to be a little devious. In the sauce way as Rome was not built in a day pattern of healthy eating takes time to settle. It will take considerable time for you to divert your kids from their accustomed junk food and convert them to healthy recipes for kids program. A few tips are given to help convert them.

Substitute the shocking bowl of granola with a fruit smoothie topped off with a dollop of non dairy whipped cream. Serve granola as a snack. Put some nuts and dried fruits to add sweetness. Include a glass of milk with that. In preparing kids for healthy recipes you should be a little sneaky as it is a noble objective. As an after school snack have some whole grain crackers and spinach dip. This resembles chips and dips.

You make your own chicken strips for kids and do not buy the large frozen bag of salt sugar and additive heavy ones at the super market because of the forbidding cost of conventional foods. Children are not at all bothered about their nutritional values. They are disappointed on your inability to procure because of the forbidding cost. Tell them that you are planning to make a big batch of secret recipe for chicken strips. There is real excitement in the kids on knowing this and a beginning has been made for healthy recipes for kids program. There are plenty of healthy chicken strip recipes on line. It is a real treat for kids when your healthy recipes are transformed by a dash of hot sauce or ranch style dressing.

If your kids are on the look out for a couple of cookies or a small candy bar for their lunch, put some home made oat meal raisin cookies, a blue berry muffin or even a piece of carrot cake. You can make them life long converts by doing it over time. Get the fruits they like afresh twice a eek and let them not be wasted. Include fruits in lunches and make smoothies.

Set a good example to draw kids into your collection of healthy recipes. Eat what they eat, serve lean meats and lots of fish and chicken breasts. If children dislike vegetables serve only a small portion and make them eat by cajoling that it is a small quantity and he can eat it for his mom.

Finally, it is all a matter of habit. You need not be a spoil sport regarding food choices. Let your healthy recipes for kids be tempting treats through fair or foul means.