Healthy chicken Recipes – A Great Diet Plan

Chicken is one of the most affordable and healthy meats. Serving fried chicken may be enjoyable once a week but it will soon lose its appeal because of repetition. Many healthy recipes can be prepared in different ways to substitute healthy chicken recipes. In case you want to lose weight chicken can kick start your diet plan with a bang? The rest of the family may be none the wiser. You will have requests from many for an encore of the dish which could satisfy the palate of the most stringent dieter. There are here a few ideas to help you on this economical dish.

By the natural chicken, raised as free ranging with out antibiotics and hormones and on natural pesticide free grains. Though expensive it is worth while for its nutritional value and taste. Even regular smokers can discern a difference in taste. These natural meats cannot be taken in larger quantities for which I have no clue. The healthy chicken recipe should begin with the healthiest chicken.

You can derive more value and profit for the purchase by skinning the chicken pieces and saving the skin and fat for a large batch of chicken broth with flavor. Skin off the fat and freeze the broth for emergency when some one is down with flu. A few scientists anxious to know why chicken soup is so effective point out that there is a magic component of fat as an ingredient. Dont run away from utilizing the fat which is good medicine.

The manner of cooking is very significant in preparing a proper healthy chicken recipe. Baking, grilling and poaching require little fat. Though fat makes the recipe delicious, calorie can be avoided. Super market shelves are over flowing with dozens of marinades and glazes. If time permits you can make marinades yourself. Online search shall reveal plenty of recipes for you. Lively herb and spice rubs can more than substitute the forbidden fat. You can use herbs as salt substitutes. The herbal mixtures, though without salt bring out the flavor of the meat.

Chicken, similar to mild flavored fish is the tune with sauces with a good amount of pizzas. Lemon chicken served over rice tastes like gourmet fare and is a dream of the dieter. Though plain boneless broiled chicken breast is a healthy recipe it lacks the flavor worth tasting. Ladle a few table spoon of sweet and sour sauce over that chicken for an elegant dish. Serve on a bed of rice pilaf and garnish with fresh parsley. Your healthy chicken recipe equals the recipe of an up scale restaurant.

At your visit to market check out the aisle with dressings sauces and marinades. Most supermarkets now have chutneys and other exotic vegetable sauce combinations. Capers adorn with their piquant taste make a great seasoning for chicken. So dice or julienne your favorites and mix with a bottled glaze according to your preferred flavor. Healthy chicken recipes cannot afford to be dull. Find a new way to prepare this staple menu by using the freshest and bet ingredients. Dieters can easily lose weight and all are happy too.