Italian cooking is usually associated with pasta, garlic, tomato sauces and tasty breads. But this type of cooking has many more varieties to taste. Despite the fact that pizzas, pastas and sweet sausages are excellent, there are many more recipes and dishes which are prepared in different parts of Italy which are really delicious.

Returning from a hard days work makes us to eat food from a restaurant although we know that cooking at home is less expensive and is healthy for us. In such cases Italian cooking comes handy as it has many recipes which can be prepared within half an hour in a simple and easy way. Here are few of them:

-Grilled sausages with ginger and fresh Italian peppers and onions
-Angel hair pasta with a creamy wine sauce and parmesan cheese sprinkled on the top
-Shrimp/Sausage/Beef spaghetti (one or a combination of meats) with fresh sauted vegetables and garlic

The other recipes Italian desserts which are creamy cheese cakes with Italian berries, cool sorbets, myriad and other sweet dishes which are very delicious.

Enroll Yourself into an Italian Cooking School

To learn these Italian cooking you have to enroll yourself in some schools which teach Italian cooking. Enquire and search for one in your city. If you do not find one there are many cooking courses available online which can be downloaded or purchased to serve your purpose. These online details offer recipes step by step which will be very easy for you to note down and they guide you with all other details also. The biggest advantage of these online classes is that they can view at ones feasibility. It can be viewed early in the morning before your daily routine or at night after the kids go to bed.

You can include Italian cooking in your routine cooking if you are a novice or an expert. Your family will be happy on you effort taken to dish out Italian recipes. These Italian soups and stocks can be prepared beforehand and refrigerated so that you can serve them later. The advantage of Italian food over American food is that, it can be prepared in advance and kept frozen to be reheated later. This can serve the purpose when you have unexpected guests. Further more motivation to learn Italian cooking is that its leftovers are never wasted.