Vegetarians have a very healthy way of eating, although the rules are the same you should include variety, maintain balance and moderation.

Vegetarian People are those who prevent themselves from consuming all kinds of meat, even if it is hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken and fish. They are also categorized according to the kind of food they wish to eat. For example, Lacto-ovo vegetarians prevent animal flesh but they consume eggs and almost all the dairy products. A Vegan is one who prevents all the foods that has traces of animal origin.

Due to the prevention of meat in their diet vegetarians always think how they can meet their protein requirements. It may be difficult to believe that an average American eats more protein that he actually requires and the lacto-ovo vegetarian substitutes it with the consumption of dairy products which are rich source of protein. Vegans fulfill their protein requirements from nuts, seeds and soy products.

From the family of beans there are a number of them that can be chosen like the, soy, peanuts, kidney, split peas, green or red lentils, pinto, and lots more. Some known ones are, refried beans in Mexican dishes, kidney beans in chili, pinto beans, and red beans and rice. Most of the beans taste good while some are added with flavor to improve their taste. Nuts although give more fat than beans are rich in proteins are should be taken with control. A cup of cooked beans gives an equal amount of protein that two ounces of meat provide.

The vegans who avoid all kinds of animal food have to worry about the nutrients like vitamin B12, calcium, and vitamin. An average North American diet consists of animal foods for the main source of B12. The vegans should have B12 supplements or foods that contain this vitamin to have a sufficient intake like soy products or mlk.

The vegan can depend on orange juice or soy milk which are fortified with calcium, for their calcium requirements. Beans and green leafy vegetables also supply some amount of calcium.

Though all the typed of vegetarians depend on simple food classifications, they should have a control over the consumption of vitamins and calcium also which is a very important aspect for a healthy diet and remain healthy too. When you have a control over the food you consume, no doubt you have several years to eat healthy before you.