Healthy Foods That one Can Lay Hands On while Dieting

You can get the following healthiest foods which will give an idea as to the different types of food that are suitable for your body.



This dry furit has the following properties:

Contains Beta-carotene which helps to prevent radical damage
Protects the eyes
A single apricot contains the following:
oCalories 17; fat content 0; fiber 1 gm
Eating pattern can be dry or soft according to your choice


This fruit has the following properties:

acts as an antioxidant and prevents in arthritis problem
helps in boosting your immune system
a medium sized mango contains 57 mg of vitamin c which is the dosage for your
entire day.


This melon contains the following:

117 gg of vitamin C which is more than the required dosage for a day.
half a melon weighs twice the size of banana
853 mg of potassium and helps in reducing the blood pressure
Half a melon has
oCalories 97; fat 1 gram and fiber 2 grams


Eating one raw tomato daily cleanses your bladder, stomach and reduces colon cancer.
A tomato contains
oCalories 26; fat -0; fiber 1 gm



An onion is effective to prevent cancer formation.
A cup of onions has the following:
Calories 61; fat 0; fiber 3 grams


Broccoli helps in protecting against breast cancer.
It has lot of vitamin C and betacarotene.
One cup of chopped broccoli has the following:
oCalories 25; fat 3; fiber – 3


The major cause for blindness in older people is due to macular degeneration.
Spinach has carotenoids that keeps off macular degeneration.
One cup contains:
oCalories 7: fat 0; fiber 1 gram

Grains, beans, and nuts


Peanuts and other nuts reduces the risk of heart diseases by 20 percent.
One ounce has the following:
oCalories 166; fat 14 grams; fiber 2 grams

Pinto beans

A half cup of pinto beans daily protects you from heart disease as this has more than 25% of foliate requirement.
Half cup of pinto beans has the following:
oCalories 103; fat 0; fiber 6 grams

Skim milk

Skim milk contains the following:

Vitamin B2 important for a good vision and along with
Vitamin A helps in allergies.
Vitamin D and calcium is also included in the skim milk
One cup of skim milk has the following:
oCalories 86; fat 0; fiber – 0


Salmon, mackerel and tuna are all cold water fish ; they are excellent sources of omega fatty acids; helps to reduce cardiac diseases.
A salmon when taken in 3 ounce portion has the following:
oCalories 127; fat 4 grams; fiber – 0


Crab helps in developing immunity boosting zinc;
Contains sufficient vitamin B 12
Crab when taken in 3 ounce portion has the following:
oCalories 84; fat 1 gram; fiber -0