The best thing about the Hollywood juice diet recipe is that it comes readily made, and all you have to do is to mix out a portion of this pre-made ingredient with water. During the liquid diet course the Hollywood juice diet recipe that is rich in vitamins and minerals help to detoxify your body.

Most of the reviews on this diet have found out that it is effective in losing five pounds on the first day and ten pounds on the second day. Anyhow, the Hollywood juice diet recipe does not give a long-term solution, but is temporary because the weight loss is the fluid loss and not the fat loss.

The Basic Contents in a Hollywood Juice Diet Recipe

On the day you are going to follow the Hollywood juice diet recipe, you are required to drink at least eight ounces of the juice and water mixture. The concentration of this solution is half water and half mixture in eight-ounce glass. You must shake the bottle well for it to blend well.

The basic ingredients in the Hollywood juice diet recipe are water and fructose, so you are taking in enough of liquids and sugars. The other two ingredients are juices that are juices of pineapple and orange, certain artificial flavoring is used along with apple juice, prune juice, white grape juice, as well as lemon juice.

In the end a few popular ingredients are added, although not necessarily to the Hollywood juice diet recipe. One such ingredient is the bilberry extract, a green tea extract, a gingko extract, grape seed extract, as well as ascorbic acid.

As there are many filter materials in the Hollywood juice diet recipe, it would be better for you to come up with your own recipe made up of juices and water that contain no artificial flavoring or colors that can be had for two days. There are several recipes that can be done for a cranberry juice diet or any other detoxing diet that helps in cleansing your body off the toxins and help in weight loss.