When one has decided to learn cooking or get some guidance then the best cookery book available online is the Betty Crocker cook book. There are many choices available in this Betty Crocker cook book collection and some of them are listed below.

Everything You Need to Know to Cook Today

One of the best books among the collections of Betty Crocker is Everything You Need to Know to Cook Today. It is not only the ideal book for a novice in cooking but also an excellent book for an expert cook to give him the latest details. This way the book is a good support for one and all.

The recipes and details are given in such an elaborate way along with the regularly used procedures in this cook book of Betty Crocker. The contents are distributed in such a way that the savory dishes are given separately in detail and the section for sweets and desserts are also given equal importance as Betty Crocker is known for best recipes in desserts and sweets.

This book also gives colorful pictures of the dishes, their nutritional value in detail and also the other details regarding the diet factor like the amount of carbohydrates to b e consumed by each person. To put in a nutshell this book has all that a person would expect from a good cook book.

Cookbook for Women: The Complete Guide to Wellness at Every Stage of Life

The Complete Guide to Wellness at Every Stage of Life an outstanding cook book for women of all ages. This book not only guides you to plan you daily meal but also helps to plan your life ideally. Betty Crockers book helps in enriching the family values by having a good and nutritional meal together with contentment and also having the right meal at the right time of the day.

The book has a vast number of recipes around 130 of different types. The best part is that the readers will enjoy preparing her special chocolate souffl cakes, whole grain strawberry pancakes and also chicken linguine alfredo. Although the names of the recipes sound challenging, it has been written in easy and simple way that anybody can prepare such dishes at home itself.

Even if you are a novice or just a beginner in cooking you can start with this Betty Crocker cook book without fear as she guides you flawlessly through cooking procedures that you can win laurels from your first cooking itself from your friends and relatives.