You may have learnt to cook with ease through out your life but with the mention of cooking sushi, Im sure you would find it deluging. But even if you have not cooked Asian cuisines till date, you can easily become skilled at cooking sushi just as you would have learnt Italian cooking.

If you wish to learn to cook sushi then you can start from some of the basic sushi recipes like rolls and sushi rice. Here are some good techniques through which you can learn to cook sushi better than the Japanese.

Getting Prepared to Learn to Cook Sushi

Once you have decided that you are ready to learn to cook sushi then the first thing you will have to do is to get all the necessary ingredients and provisions. Your list should include bamboo rolling mat, cutting board, sharp knife, wooden spoon/spatula, large wooden/glass bowl, medium grain rice, rice vinegar, sugar, Nori seaweed or soybean paper for the rolls, Wasabi, Gari, fish and soy sauce.

Californian roll is the most admired and the most commonly made sushi dish in the sushi restaurants. However, you can also try a variety of other sushi rolls as well. Here is a sushi roll recipe for you.

You will need a cupful of cooked rice, Nori spread into sheets, thinly sliced avocado, meat, cucumber, crab. Distribute the coked rice on the Nori sheet in such a way that you leave an inch of the Nori unfilled for easy rolling. Make sure you dont spread a lot of rice as it may become difficult to roll it up. It shouldnt be more than quarter inch thick.

Top the rice with the sliced avocadoes and place the meat on it. Then, add cucumber strips alongside the crab, crowning the avocado slices. Next, roll the Nori sheet with the same amount of pressure. Apply moderate pressure so that the fillings stay packed tight together. This will help you while you chop them before serving.

However, there are many other ways to learn to cook sushi as it depends on the kind of sushi roll or sushi appetizer you are planning to cook. What ever be the dish you are certainly going to make a good impression on your guests with a good suchi meal served for them.