Hollywood Celebrity Juice Diet – A Temporary Solution to Weight Loss

Since there are no such secret ingredients that cause a great weight loss program, Hollywood celebrity juice diet is not really that effective. Rather, the Hollywood celebrity juice diet consists of a mixture of juices and is mixed with water and taken throughout the day.

So, the Hollywood celebrity juice diet is similar to the other diets that area available that involves following a liquid diet for about two days. Any such diet would help you reduce your weight in 24 hours. However, this is not a permanent weight loss as the weight loss is liquid loss and not fat loss. Liposuction is an artificial way of losing weight in a shortness of breath span of time.

The Ways to Use a Hollywood Celebrity Juice Diet

The alternatives in the Hollywood celebrity juice diet are to diet for 24 hours or to diet for 48 hours. Either ways the person will reduce about five pounds in the first day. In order to sustain your weight loss, you will have to follow the Hollywood diet for the next thirty days or you might have to use some other kind of diet and exercise plan to lose fat.

The positive aspect to using a Hollywood celebrity juice diet is that it starts off on a rapid pace. Very often this is the biggest issue in most of the diets, and this encourages you to diet more. Though you might not have to perform very rigorous and tough exercises, it is a good idea to start off with mild forms of exercises that help burn out calories and boosts your metabolic activities.

The other positive aspect of a Hollywood celebrity juice diet is that it does not contain caffeine or ephedrine unlike other diet pills and diet drinks. While on the liquid fast, make sure you do not smoke. Such a diet can also inspire the person to quit smoking, because if he or she can quit for two days then why not for the rest of their lives.