How to Make Use of a Cranberry Juice Detox Diet?

For those of you who are bothered about the toxin and fat accumulation in your body, a cranberry juice detox diet or a cranberry juice fat flush diet can be used. Mostly the cranberry juice detox diet is intaken by those who smoke marijuana so that they pass the drug test for a job as the diet cleans up the system.

Such cleansing procedures are not proven, so the best thing to do would be to stop taking such drugs. Nevertheless, if the person wishes to use a cranberry juice detox diet, then he or she must do so three days prior to the test and in that time you are not supposed to smoke marijuana.

The Other Effective Properties

Some other people use the cranberry juice detox diet to clean out their kidneys and lymphatic system since more than often toxins accumulate in these systems. By strictly following the cranberry juice detox diet; you can clean out these systems. As the cranberry juice detox diet can also remove the fat clinging onto the lymphatic system it is also used as a fat flush diet that gets rid of all the extra fat.

The cranberry juice detox diet begins with elixir made up of cranberry juice, pure water, and some kind of green powder like wheatgrass. The way to prepare it is one cup of water is mixed with two tablespoons of cranberry juice and one teaspoon of green powder. After mixing them you can drink it first thing in the morning before consuming any food so that you can absorb all the nutrients it offers.

The person can also have a mix of cranberry juice along with water throughout the day to flush out the excess fat and absorbing more nutrients. Cranberry juice is very difficult to find as the stores offer you a mixture of other things with cranberry. Most of the organic and health stores contain green powder.