A detox diet cleanses the body and heals the cells of your body that makes you feel rejuvenated. One of the detox diets is the juice based detox diet that can be substituted in the place of other foods. Such a diet is commonly called a juice fast and is very mild. Such a diet involves making a fruit and vegetable juice everyday. The final effect of a juice based detox diet will be shown in a shortness of breath period of time.

The Pros of a Juice Based Detox Diet

There are no restrictions on the vegetables and fruits that can be used in the juice. So, this makes it easy to make a juice detox diet plan. So, you need not wait for the availability of certain vegetables or fruits. Many kinds of juices can be made each day to get different tastes.

You can prepare and serve a juice based detox diet either hot or cold. So, this signifies that you can take these juices as broth during the cold season that thickens up. Anyone will be able to go on with such a diet for days together as fruits and vegetables are nutrient rich.

When you go with juice based detox diet you can be sure of getting several benefits that include those that are medical, which is the detoxification of the cells and construction of the walls of the cells. The total outcome of this diet will be seen in a couple of days your skin will look healthier making you look very bright.

The Side Effects of a Juice Based Detox Diet

During the first few days in a juice based detox diet you might feel very weak and might even want to quit. Nevertheless, your body will slowly start getting accustomed to this diet and it starts working on the removal of the toxins. So, it is nothing to be surprised if you have certain side effects during the detoxification process. The side effects might be weakness, nausea, and headaches.

When you have more number of toxins in your body, it means you are more likely going to have more side effects. When having the juice based detox diet, ones emotions can sprout up affecting the person under the diet. If you are on a juice based detox diet, you will most likely get depressed, angry, irritated, as well as agitated. Such symptoms fade away as you gain in more energy.